Dropship On eBay Plan

Push as many products as you want to your eBay store or auctions, and become a Power Seller in no time.

Wholesale2b dropship on eBay plan

Dropship On eBay Plan

Push as many products as you want to your eBay store or auctions, and become a Power Seller in no time.


Create Your List

From one single account, browse thousands of products from reputable suppliers and pick the items you wish to sell.


Import To eBay

Configure your global options, price markups, eBay categories and import your list to eBay in bulk. Then wait for sales.


Get Paid

Buyers will pay you directly. Most sellers use Paypal to receive payments from buyers. All payments will go straight to you.


Process Orders

No manual input. Process orders with 1 click. You pay us and we handle the order with the suppliers for you. You keep the profits.

You Don't Need A Garage Full Of Products To Make Money On eBay.

In fact you don't need to stock any products at all. With one single Wholesale2b account you can access over 1 Million products from the most reputable drop shipping suppliers.
  • High Quality Listing Tool. Our eBay listing tool is 100% Certified by eBay. Your auctions will automatically end if items run out of stock.
  • Quick Startup. All you need is an eBay seller account to start selling in just 5 minutes! You can push items one by one or in bulk of 100 items at a time.
  • No Up Front Cost. No Risk! If your auction does not sell, you don't need to pay us a dime for the products. You only need to pay for the products if you make a sale.
you don't need a garage full of junch to sell on eBay
make money on eBay with Wholesale easy dropshipping

How Does Dropshipping On eBay Work?

1 Create your list 2 Import to eBay 3 Buyers pay you 4 You pay us and we ship


Frequently Asked Questions

eBay Dropship Plan

Once your auction sells, you will receive a payment directly from the buyer. Usually eBay sellers choose Paypal and we recommend the same.

We recommend that you always login to your Paypal account to make sure that you have received the payment from your eBay buyer before paying for the item. If you don't have a Paypal account please go to http://www.paypal.com and sign up for a free account and it will only take you about 5 minutes.

To ship the item to your customer simply click on the green button ORDER NOW located in your wholesale2b auction list, next to the item you sold. Please make sure to follow each step of the checkout until you reach the final payment page to complete your payment.

You can pay using Payal or with Visa and Master Card.

On the final page of the checkout steps, you will be prompted to pay for the item you sold. You will be charged the wholesale price + shipping + fees. The difference between the amount you received from your buyer and your cost will be your profit.

You can pay for your orders using Paypal or a credit card.

If you are located outside the USA or Canada, then you will need to make your payments using the advanced credit option.

No this is not required. You do not need to sign up for an account with any of our drop shippers since we will handle orders with them for you. We will also handle returns and fetch tracking codes from the suppliers for you. This service is included with all our drop shipping plans.

You can have a business or a personal eBay account. It does not matter as long as your eBay account is good standing and not under any sort of limitation.

You can also have an eBay store if you wish. Our eBay listing tool will have an option to allow you to push products to your eBay store.

Yes you can configure your auctions using the BUY IT NOW option as long as your eBay account allows it.

For new eBay accounts, you might have to wait until you gather a minimum positive feedback before eBay allows you to sell using the BUY IT NOW option. Please refer to eBay rules and regulations for more details.

We will help you with each return request. You simply need to inform us of the order number and the reason for the return. We will also need to know if your buyer wants a refund or if your buyer prefers to return the item for an exchange.

Our team will then contact the supplier to get a RMA number along with the return address which we will pass on to you. You can then inform your eBay buyer to follow the same instructions and a refund will be issued as per the supplier return policy once the item is received at their warehouse.

Yes we do monitor inventory with all of our dropshipping plans. If an item runs out of stock then we will mark it as such in your eBay account, or Amazon account or your online store so you don't have to manage these updates manually. These updates will be automated for you.

This can happen from time to time, especially on brand new Paypal accounts or if you haven't used your Paypal account in a long time. Basically this is a way for Paypal to make sure that you are not going to run away with the money without shipping the items sold.

If this occurs, do not panic. Simply use your credit card to place the order and one the item is shipped we will send you the tracking code which you can provide to Paypal. They will then release your funds very quickly so you can refund your credit card. You can also choose the Paypal Pay Later option if you do not have a credit card. This is a financing option offered by Paypal to USA residents only which will give you a full 6 months to pay for your item with no interest.

Paypal will then stop placing holds on your account once you have processed a few transactions and have shown that you do indeed follow through with the shipping.

Wholesale2b does not inflate the prices in any way. We pass on the exact same wholesale prices as given by each of our integrated suppliers.

We can help you with orders in the USA and Canada. If you want to ship to other countries you will need to process your orders directly with the suppliers.

We will provide you with the names of all our integrated suppliers once you activate a plan. Most of them support international shipping so you will need to contact them directly and open a reseller account if you wish to offer international shipping to your customers.

Wholesale2b can help you with shipping in the USA or Canada. For all other countries you can use a forwarder like myus.com